Blacklight Art Show

Call For Art is Open! Ends October 1st 2022
Studio 23 Blacklight Art Show

The Blacklight Art Show is an experience best suited to the time of year when the veils grow thin between worlds, other dimensions seep through in deceptively cheery colors to blind you beyond science

Studio 23 is transformed from a mild-mannered mecca of artistry into a pulsing powerhouse of spirits gathering force to unleash unholy havoc upon preconceptions where the love of art rules over all.

Couple at the Blacklight Art Show

Local East Bay artists are lovingly toiling and troubling to bring you feasts that glow and dilate your pupils with glee. Come and join the dance and the conversation between light and shadow, under the wondrous canopy of blacklight.

All ages are welcome. Expect lights out, UV reactive art, special blacklight installations & LED sculptures.

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