2nd Friday Artists & Price Sheet.

Live May 8th at FridayArtWalk.com

Studio 23 Virtual 2nd Friday Group Show Artist List & Price Sheet.
To find out more about any of these artists and their work please contact us at: art at studio 23 gallery dot com (Sound it out we are avoiding spambots).

Rodney Hobbs: Guitar 1 $250, Guitar 2 $200, Skull 1 $100, Skull 2 $100
Vivianesque Young: Untitled Encaustic NFS
Bonnie Randall Boller: Women First $75, On The Peak $75, In Response TBA
Wesley E Warren: Crow $TBA, Corona (In Progress) $TBA , Hunter S. Thompson $TBA, William Burroughs $100, Dream Police $100, Our Lady Eris $800,
Jessica Warren: Charms $20ea, Oh Poppy $500, Purple Haze $700 (In Progress),
Carolina Tapia: Kite $25, Angular $25, Under Water $25
Kevin Woodson: Lantern Red $60, Lantern Blue $60
Jenn Paz: Down The Rabbit Hole $80, Sweet Dreams $55, Honey $65.00
Clair $TBA, Clide $TBA, Fetus 1 $TBA, Fetus 2 $TBA, Iguana Claws $TBA,
Erin Crociani: Dragon Tattoo $500
Jose Feria: Fallen 1 $55, Fallen 2 $55, Fallen 3 $55, Wings of Love 1 $55, Wings of Love 2 $55
Mikey Elliot: Untitled 1 $50, Untitled 2 $50

Shout-Out To Local Artist Jennie Hesse
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