2019 Blacklight Art Show


Willow by Tiffany Rahmati

6th Annual Black Light Art Show: RSVP!

6th Annual BlackLight Art Show. Everything must glow in the dark! Blacklight paintings, lit up sculpture art, body painting and video installations abound in this year’s Blacklight Art Show. Several special indoor and outdoor installation pieces will be on display this year including  Wormhole by FILMA Art Collective. 

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Stroll the outdoor night Market and check out the live music by Quentel the Cryptid and halloween treats by Shannon Cooks.  Our sister galleries, The Red Door and 3 Dot will be open as well. Costumes encouraged, be sure to sign in to enter the costume contest!

UV Blacklight Art Show Costume Contest!
Enter to win!

2019 Blacklight Costume Contest! RSVP

Get your best UV Costumes ready for this year’s Blacklight Art Show! Enter to win!
1. Post a photo of your costume & your full name to our instagram account and hashtag: @studio23gallery #studio23gallery @ceraunavoltaalameda (Share on facebook.com/Studio23Alameda/ too!)
2. Sign up on the official sign-up form at the door by 9:20PM at Studio 23.
3. Be by the stage at Studio 23 between 9:30PM – 10PM for when we announce the winner!

Prize provided by our sponsor C’era Una Volta!

Kid Stuff:  Kids are always welcome at the Studio 23 Blacklight Art Show. We put out some glow-in-the-dark chalk, monster coloring sheets and Halloween treats.  Please keep in mind we often have body painting and other interesting (edgy) artsy things going on. Please bring kids at your own discretion.  

2019 BLACKlIGHT ART SHOW By Barry Tribuzio

“…an ever evolving trinity of form and visions.”

All bright summer haze will fade, a moments grace is but a memory..

A photograph of fleeting smiles, these as well will drift away.
It is all about Memory.


To share in this brief embrace we call Life.
A celebration and a mourning at the same time.

Every breath is an exhalation of time passing, into the crisp sharper focus of Autumn.

The air is more blue, a cooler aspect draws our eyes in anticipation of flowing spirits

And dreams far beyond those midsummer nights..

Three Studios, an ever evolving trinity of form and visions, will attempt a summoning of these elusive ghosts of memory with sound,light and artistry.

Studio 23 presents it’s annual Blacklight Art Show, a feast of glowing colors and shadowed contrasts in a light spectrum that may be unfamiliar to some, and a sense memory feast to others. These pieces are altered states of mind and float above their substrates, conjuring spells of form and color.

A video installation,and an LED tunnel will further beguile all who attend.
Music will be performed by Quentel the Cryptid, who combines sound,art and video into a fully immersive experience guaranteed to warm the October chill and invite those ghosts to linger and commune with us.

3 Dot Gallery will present it’s Memento Mori Show, which translates to “Remember Death’…An exhibition reminding us of the impermanence of all things, and how this lesson is really so much of our collective art history, and underpins the drive for creative expression in the face of time, decay, and mortality. The beauty of life is in recognition of it’s brevity.

The Roofless Red Door Gallery will once again reveal its beauty beneath the night sky, and is a wonderful spot to see and reflect upon the sum of the three. October beckons us to gather falling leaves, to feel their brittle veins and know that this too, is

Join the Dance, with the might of all senses, and revel in the Now.

2019 Blacklight Artists: Sneak Peek
This list does not include outdoor vendors.

Tiffany Rahmati
Patti Goldstein
Shawn Silverman
Jamie Banes
Ken Gulley
Jose Feria
Judy Judith Threadgill
Paul Rey
Terrie Schultz
Andrew Dussault
Maureen Spranza
Carl Van Arsdall
FILMA Art Collective
Jessica Warren
Wesley E Warren
Carolina Tapia
Olivia wadler
Barry Tribuzio
Chris Mosely
Rob Adam Jackson