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Alameda 2015 Summer Art Fair: Artist Bios

Alameda Summer Art Fair Featured Artist. Every day we will be featuring a new artist. Come meet them in person on Sunday, June 21st.

Melinda Margolis
Nature inspires me and motivates me to explore forms that I find intriguing. I am a Sculptor and Jeweler here in Alameda. I use a variety of mediums; clay, metal, wire, and bronze. Most of my forms are biomorphic and usually represent life. Find out more about me at:

Rita Garza
I create unique aprons. Dia De Los muertos....motorcycle....classic designs & more. I also do balloon decorating, face painting and henna body art. For this event I will focus on the cool aprons! Visit me at:

Faultline Artspace
We are an art gallery and studio space for about 25 working artists located at 815 High Street in East Oakland. We have a productive wood shop where we make art panels and canvas for many of the Bay Area's top artists. Much of the work available from our artists has been done on our panels and canvas.

Katie McKinnon
Everything in my shop is designed & handcrafted by me, using re-inspired, vintage & new materials. Not a scrap of fabric, bottle-cap, or button goes wasted. I welcome custom orders, so let me know if something inspires you!"

Yelena Karanovich
Yelena works with a broad range of subject matter accented by portraiture, floral and decorative elements. For the last several years, she has been working on developing her new series "Mutopea." Visit: to see more of Yelena�s fanciful creatures!

Jeannie Hesse
For as long as I can remember, I have been a creator. To this day, I have been & forever will be an: Artist, Creator, Brainstormer, Dreamer, Teacher, Student, Thinker, Maker & Creative Problem Solver. Most of my work run in intuitive cycles of series, experiments, projects & storms.

Amy Burek
Amy is a artist and scientist living on an island in the San Francisco bay area. Her interests include how cells become organisms, how letters become words, and how cat pictures become memes. She is currently a studio artist at The Compound Gallery & Studios in Oakland, CA. Visit:

Jasmine Zenderland & Leo Ramos
Leo makes functional ceramic pieces, ranging from dinnerware to hanging planters. Jasmine works with crystals, wire, and clay, twisting and sculpting pendants and earrings. Together we make ceramic pieces with wire and hemp adornments. Jasmine:

Amy Tanathorn
I'm an Alameda Artist painting well-being and happiness using acrylic paints and mixed media such as origami and tea papers to create touchable texture. My paintings create a sanctuary of tranquility and stillness in our world of high-paced stress.

Kristen Schonfelder
I am 49 years young! I am an outside artist, I belong to Alameda Artist Group and live in San Jose. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's 5 years ago and recently became Assistant State Director of Parkinson's Action Network (PAN).

Nancy Lovelady
I create beautiful, original & functional art, from discarded items, give them new life and color to become modern heirloom pieces. I use all types of glass, tile, beads, mirror and found objects to transform skulls, mirrors, trays and jewelry into a new, breathtaking, ooak, handmade objets d'art! Commissions accepted! @LoveladyMosaicArt

Carolina Tapia
"I'm always experimenting with various techniques and mixed media with a strong emphasis in modern abstraction, Painting mostly with primary colors, using acrylics and glitter on plexiglass as the canvas allows me the use of double surfaces."

Annie Horne
I am painter living and working in Alameda, CA. I make vibrant paintings and works on paper using intuitive abstraction and pattern.

Artery Press
is a printmaking space that encompasses a range of printmaking skills.
We are a unique collaborative that conjoins the artistic arteries and energies through our work. Our artistic talents array from hand-made custom papers to hand-pulled art of printmaking.

Nancy Benton
Largely self-taught, Nancy has been drawing and painting all her life. Her studio is based in a California suburb within the heart of the Silicon Valley. She likes to incorporate elements of nature, the figure and the human narrative in an abstract expressive style.

Adam Davis
I live & work as an Illustrator in Alameda, CA. I make artwork for album covers, t-shirts, coloring books, concert posters and the walls of children's rooms.

Pamela Mendes
I enjoy creating paintings in oil that evoke emotion. I like painting facial expressions and creating a mood with paint.

Eben Dodd
Ebon is a portrait artist living and working in Alameda, CA. Over the past year and a half he has taken many commissions for portrait drawings, and a few for paintings; mostly from families in Alameda. Once upon a time, Eben earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Manino LeatherScraps,
remnants and re-purposed leather become beautiful handmade journals and wallets. Both Manino and Jill are inspired by the growing resurgence of creativity and community in Oakland and the greater Bay Area and are very proud to be a part of the Oaklandish vision.

Emily Moses & Bob Main
I work with repurposed redwood and mainly use a lathe. My partner Bob and I design original artwork to put on each mug and airbrush them by hand. We build our work in our backyard in Oakland, California. Bob grew up as a woodworker in northern California and I grew up in Massachusetts mainly working with paints and fabric.

Mikey Elliott
"Mike started painting his abstract works in the nineties, taking a break to focus on photography and digital printing. After getting his degree in photography, mikey has decided to continue working on his colorful abstract paintings, often painting live at events and shows to help bring the viewer into the painting experience"

Allie Wadford
Web designer by day, wanna be cartoonist/illustrator by night. Heavily influenced by cartoons and comics, this indecisive artist hailing from the sleepy town of Alameda is here to get some drawings done. (Showing with Matt see below)

Matt Tacobus
I grew up reading the funny papers in Alameda, now I draw them on the internet. Most of my work is inspired by independent comic art, but there's a lot of big pop culture influences as well. (showing with Allie see above)

Jeffrey Allyn
Music is the inspiration for my mindscapes. Texture is the foundation on which color and light dance. Music punches the beat and soul of the paintings, allowing the changes of daylight to renew the focus each canvas reveals. Exploiting the chemical and physical nature of oil paint to erupt in fiery colors and gyrating paint strokes inspire these pieces. Art can be viewed at every level of the physical universe, and often times for me, far beyond. Please enjoy!

Malaika Thorne & Pomm Suppakijjumnong
Pomm paints animals on river rocks. Malaika draws, paints, and makes paper.

Mark Badger
Mark has drawn many comic books of all types for Marvel, DC and others, including Batman and even Greenberg Vampire. Currently he is adapting William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and drawing a series of comics called Abstract Kirby, an exploration of storytelling and abstraction.

Himalayan Gift Shop
Lalita Rijal Khanal's has transformed her little corner store into The Himalayan Gift Shop. She hand picks exotic gifts & clothing from Nepal, India & Tibet. Looking forward she plans on offering affordable artist studio spaces as well as participating in the Art Walk on 2nd Fridays. Located on Park St across from Walgreens

Claire & Elizabeth Turner
The Turner women have been growing as artists and making art together since 1993. Creating in both 2D and 3D mediums, Claire and Elizabeth create visually poetic, abstracted pieces. Though they now live 3000 miles apart, they're sustaining their mother/daughter team of Studio Artemis and continuing to pursue their growth as artists and thinkers together.

Alana Dill / You Become Art
My first face-paint gig was for the 1995 Art Car Fashion Show in San Francisco. A lifelong artist, I'm primarily an illustrator and have worked in graphics, theatrical design and animation as well. Around 2003 I got a face paint kit for my neighborhood's yearly block party, and it became a passion that expanded to fine-art body painting & character design." Face painting starts around $5-$15. Come by and visit me at the fair! Book me for your next event at

Brown Artworks
We are a family of artists that spans three generations and show a variety of work in variety of mediums. Painting, drawing, printmaking, fabric arts, and jewelry making are some of what we produce and we want to share our work with the world around us because we believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy art if they are interested to do so.

The Alley
Just around the corner you'll find artworks by Mark Coleman & Jennifer King

Cheryl Harawitz
Back Street Studios
There is something wholly satisfying in making art, a truly magical experience.

Heather Hatch Mcmurphy KramerFolifa and Little Bee
* Fairy/Gnome Homes & Workshops
* Dioramas
* Assemblage work
* for fairy/gnome
home workshops/parties
or special orders.

Studio23 / Wes & Jess
Studio23 art studio & gallery opened in 2013.Wes and Jess also run a local art group called Alameda Artists. Studio23 often has group shows & is open on 2nd Fridays. View their bottle cap mural @ Alameda Island Brewing Co.! They both also like soup. | This is data for Event Websites to read. Smiles 0.00 Fair Ticket Cash, ATM, Debit, Credit Card 5.00 Hotdogs Cash, ATM, Debit, Credit Card 4.00 Local Artists Greeting Cards Cash, ATM, Debit, Credit Card 25.00 Local Artists T-Shirts Cash, ATM, Debit, Credit Card 100.00 Local Artists Original Art